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Our Rabbitry

We are a rabbitry in Middleburg, Pennsylvania. We raise quality, pedigree rabbits for showing or if you want a great pet we can help you out with that also.We raise from the smallest to the largest of breeds and are an ARBA registered Rabbitry and members of Eastern States Flemish Giants, Mason-Dixon Rex and American Rabbit Breeders Association. We raise quality Rex in Chocolate, Broken Chocolate, Black, Broken Black, Chinchilla, Broken Chinchilla, Black Otter, Seal Otter, Seal, Rew, Opal, Blue, Broken Amber, and Broken Castor, Mini Rex in Chocolate, Broken Chocolate, Chinchilla, Broken Chinchilla, Seal, Red, Rew, and Blue,  Champagne d'Argents, Brun d'Argents, Creme d'Argents,  White, Red, Black, Broken Black, and Broken Red New Zealands, Palaminos, Cinnamons,  Red and  Chinchilla Standard Satins, all 7 colors of Flemish Giants, Giant Chinchilla, and Holland Lops. We welcome 4-H kids to come and take a look if you need to get a good start in showing and we offer a discount with your 4-H cards. We welcome anyone who wants to come out and take a tour of the rabbitry and if we can answer any questions please give us a call. All our rabbits come with there pedigrees, starter food and hay. We also raise satin, abasyian, teddy bear and smooth hair Guinea Pigs. Hope to see you all soon.

Waltz's Flemish Hoppers